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Molecular Imaging of Chemotherapy
Customized service for all your in vivo cancer drug screening, discovery, evaluation and development needs.
Develop New Effective Drugs for Metastasis and Angiogenesis

  • Green/Red fluorescent protein (GFP, RFP) tumor expression for quantitative functional imaging.
  • In vivo drug discovery and evaluation for tumor growth, metastasis, angiogenesis.
  • Whole-body functional imaging of drug efficacy on tumor growth, metastasis, angiogenesis, gene expression.
  • Real-time in vivo visualization of tumor growth, metastasis, angiogenesis, gene expression.
  • More than 100 GFP/RFP-expressing tumor models available for MetaMouse®/AngioMouse®.
  • Orthotopic metastatic MetaMouse®/AngioMouse® models.
  • All types of agents can be evaluated: small molecules, proteins, genes.
  • In vivo high-throughput drug screening and evaluation.
  • Customized contract research for all types of drug discovery and evaluation.

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Uses for multicolored imaging in vivo  

Trafficking of tumor cells (click onto image to view video) 

Comparison of GFP and Luciferase Imaging*
Method Minimum cells imageable in vitro Minimum cells imageable in vivo Need for substrate? Need for anesthesia? Methodof visualization Multicolor imaging
GFP 1 1 No No Direct Imaging Yes
Luciferase 300 3000 Yes Yes Photon counting (pseudo-color) No
* THE LANCET Oncology 3, p546-556, 2002

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MetaMouse®/AngioMouse® whole-body imaging with GFP/RFP!
Whole-body imaging of tumor angiogenesis in AngioMouse® Whole-body imaging of single glioma cells in the brain in MetaMouse®/OncoBrite®
Whole-body imaging of liver metastases in MetaMouse®/OncoBrite® Skeletal metastases in MetaMouse®/OncoBrite®
Whole-body dual color imaging of GFP and RFP mammary tumors in MetaMouse®/OncoBrite® Whole-body imaging of gene expression in the liver in GeneBrite® model
Whole-body real time imaging of metastatic growth and drug response
Drug response on human metastatic tumors growing orthotopically in mice
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